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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Chiefs had a place in Monday Night Football, even though they didn’t play in the game.

It’s something most of America missed, but an eagle-eye Chiefs fan didn’t have any trouble spotting the tribute.

A fan known as @ChiefsAholic on Twitter took a picture of his TV when he noticed a Chiefs flag hanging in the corner of the end zone. He tweeted the picture with the caption, “Not all heroes wear capes!!!!!” He then asked Twitter to help identify the fan so he could buy him a beer.

Good news, bad news. Twitter helped track down the Chiefs fan, but it turns out he isn’t on Twitter. Good thing that a son of a friend has an account. He saw the post from @ChiefsAholic and responded.

Here’s what he told us about the fan who trolled Chargers and Raiders fans Monday night.

The man goes by Doobie and lives in Cabazon, Calif. He borrowed the Chiefs flag from a friend to take it to So-Fi Stadium with him.

‘Just an absolute savage troll job.”


Doobie is a Charger’s season ticket holder, but said he never cheers for the Bolts. He said he only bought the tickets to make sure he has tickets to the Chiefs games at So-Fi Stadium. He also doesn’t pass up a chance to wear his Chiefs gear into enemy territory and represent Chiefs Kingdom at every Chargers game possible.