Meet the timing pilot of the B-2 bomber that flew over Arrowhead Sunday


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One of the greatest traditions in the NFL is the fly over. 

FOX4 caught up with Major Nolan Brock, a B-2 Spirit timing pilot, before he climbed into the cockpit to fly over Arrowhead Stadium. 

He said being able to fly over stadiums as the Anthem plays brings him immeasurable pride.

“Really a tremendous amount of pride. It’s really really cool,” Brock said.

This is Brock’s second time flying over Arrowhead. He was selected to fly over last year’s AFC Championship game. He said seeing the sea of red from the sky is amazing.

“As we turn in, you can see the fireworks going off. A giant sea of red. Really cool. Definitely one of the coolest experiences I’ve had in the B-2,” Brock said.

Brock is on an incredibly tight schedule. He’s expected to fly over the stadium at the exact moment fireworks go off. If he is just seconds late, millions of viewers will notice. 

“These flights definitely aren’t easy we were talking earlier it’s actually one of the more stressful experiences that I’ve had doing flyovers. There’s millions of people watching both in the stadium and on the air and if you’re late everyone knows about it.“ 

Due to COVID-19 limiting the number of fans, there wasn’t that gorgeous sea of red. However, Brock says no matter how many fans are in the stadium, it is always a special experience.

“And even with the COVID, yes, it’s definitely been a trial, but we will pull it off and it’ll be a good flyover today.”



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