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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The celebrations from Sunday’s win for the Kansas City Chiefs haven’t ended yet. That’s certainly the case for one metro family.

They’re searching for the friendly stranger who made Sunday’s game fun for their son.

The world often revolves around football for 9-year-old boys.

Fourth grader Liam Leftwich came away with more than a win at Sunday’s Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium, which was his first time seeing the NFL in person.

“He picked me up and gave high fives and he was like ‘yeah!’”

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs trailed big before battling back against Cleveland. Leftwich and his parents had nosebleed tickets and they didn’t notice the big friendly man seated behind them until the Chiefs scored their first touchdown.

“He just reached out and grabbed me,” Liam said. “He spun me around and gave high fives to everyone.”

In fact, the big guy with the mustache celebrated with the 9-year-old four times. One for each touchdown the Chiefs scored.

“Every time we got close for the rest of the game, this guy would lean down and tell Liam, ‘I’m coming for you. If we get close to the end zone, I’m coming for you,’” Liam’s dad Preston Leftwich said.

Liam just started playing youth football as a wide receiver in Wyandotte County.

They’d looked forward to this game for a long time and now they’d like to reconnect with the kind man who made the day more fun.

“This guy was the nicest guy ever,” Liam said.

“Those kinds of things were a really amazing positive influence from somebody we’d just met in Chiefs Kingdom,” Preston Leftwich said.

The lasting impression that stranger made adds to the reason the Leftwich’s want to reconnect with that special fan. Preston Leftwich said Liam will always be a Chiefs supporter because of the kindness of that fellow fan, who proved Chiefs Kingdom is also a happy family.