BONNER SPRINGS, Kan. — Patrick Mahomes kept his newest hair care commercial in the neighborhood.

The 30-second spot for Head and Shoulders features the Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback and former Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro safety Troy Polamalu. Mahomes is shampooing a woman’s hair and encouraging her to use the sponsored product.

“You should use it every wash,” Mahomes said.

The advertisement focuses on dandruff flakes in hair. Mahomes looks in the woman’s hair and finds tiny Polamalu looking around at the dandruff flakes on the woman’s scalp.

“The ingredients in Head and Shoulders keep the microbes that cause flakes that big,” Polamalu said.

The City of Bonner Springs stated that the commercial was filmed on Oak Street.

“We absolutely loved being host to a national commercial with [Patrick Mahomes],” the city posted to Facebook. “Our Bonner Springs Police Department did a great job with security and we would love to host more film and television work in our charming downtown! Thank you to the scouts who found just what they needed in downtown Bonner Springs!”

The commercial can be watched here.