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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s a boy!

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes released a video of their gender reveal party, days after teasing followers on Instagram.

They posted pictures of the celebration, but didn’t tell fans the results.

Sunday the couple tweeted a video featuring friends and family guessing what the couple was having.

“Guaranteed boy,” Patrick said with a smile.

Brittany also said she thought baby number two would be a boy.

“I’m gonna go with boy just because I don’t want to be beat up,” Kayla Nicole told the camera.

Brittany’s mom also thought the couple would have a boy.

The video featured sweet family moments before the couple grabbed paint guns and aimed at a target surrounded with pink and blue balloons. When the camera finally showed the target, it said “It’s a boy!” with blue paint splattered all over it.

To celebrate, Patrick put on a blue “Baby Mahomes” hoodie and jumped into the swimming pool fully clothed.

This is the second child for the couple. Brittany gave birth to daughter Sterling Skye in February 2021, just weeks after the Kansas City Chiefs played in the Super Bowl.

The couple got married in Hawaii in March of 2022, with darling Sterling riding down the aisle in a tiny toy Mini Cooper as one of their flower girls.

The couple announced they were pregnant with baby number two last month, but have not publicly revealed the due date. But, based on timing, it’s expected to happen during the upcoming NFL season.