MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — The Kansas City Chiefs’ win over the Minnesota Vikings cemented another milestone for quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

He has officially led the Chiefs against and defeated all the other 31 teams as a starter in the NFL (regular season and postseason).

Mahomes is only the 10th starting quarterback to accomplish the feat and the youngest in NFL history to accomplish the feat.

This comes just a week after Mahomes became the fastest QB to throw 200 touchdown passes. The week before that, Mahomes became the fastest player to 25,000 passing yards.

The only team the Chiefs have yet to beat with Mahomes as a starter in the regular season is the Indianapolis Colts (0-2). The Chiefs beat them in the 2019 Divisional round.

As the accolades continue to pile up, it seems most QB records with the title “youngest” or “fastest” next to them have Mahomes’ name nearby.

Mahomes finished the game vs. the Vikings completing 31 of his 41 passes with 281 yards and two touchdowns.