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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes stars in the newest TV commercial for Oakley and is joined by some familiar faces.

His 1-year-old daughter, Sterling Skye Mahomes, joins him on his lap while he reads her a book and gives her a motivational message.

“To my no. 1 pick, welcome to life. You’re already perfect and here’s some advice,” Mahomes said as he narrates the TV spot.

The ad shows a compilation of home video clips of Sterling taking her first steps and of Patrick as he grew up to become a NFL quarterback.

“Stay focused. Stay hungry. Be loyal and lead. When the team feels like family, that’s all that you need,” Mahomes continued.

Joining the father-daughter duo is Mahomes’ younger sister, Mia Randall, who makes a cameo as a group poses in front of a canvas and several voices join Patrick in saying, “That’s all that you need.”

Mahomes’ partnership with Oakley began during his first season as a starter in the NFL, and he became the first football player to be sponsored by the eyewear company.

The newest advertisement ends with Patrick holding Sterling in front of the photoshoot canvas and some inspiring words for his young daughter.

“There’s only one you. You’ll shine bright as a star. Just lead with your heart and be who you are,” Mahomes said.