Patrick Mahomes talks Patriots and which teammate he trusts for babysitting duties

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s just another week in the world of Patrick Mahomes, coming off of another controlled, masterful performance in a win against Baltimore where he targeted 11 players. Surveying all options is easier when his teammates know how to handle the blitz.

“It’s all preparation. We really prepare for blitz coverages and different looks, different fire zones, different man blitzes. We have guys that quicken up the routes and get themselves open. Then whenever we want to take a shot versus the blitz, I think guys do a great job of making sure that they make distinct angles where I can throw the ball into space and let them make plays,” Mahomes explained.

So with that in mind, it’s time to prepare for the New England Patriots… again. Bill Belichick’s defense has the utmost respect for Kansas City’s potent offense.

“They’re good at everything. They’ve got a great quarterback, and a great offensive line, and a great play caller and great skill players,” Belichick said.

Despite meeting each season he’s been the starting QB for the Chiefs, Mahomes expects he’ll some wrinkles and different looks this Sunday.

“We’ve played them a good amount of times. That’s when you see all the different types of stuff that they presented us and offenses like us. You know there’s going to be un-scouted stuff, but there’s going to be stuff that he’s going to throw out there,” Mahomes said.

Mahomes is always prepared for what comes at him on the field, but this week he found out he has another role to prepare for off of the field: being a dad.

“I mean, being able to kind of grow up and have these dreams of having a family and playing in the NFL. For that stuff to start happening and really coming into truth and everything like that, I mean it’s really cool,” Mahomes said.

As for who could be a babysitter with his busy life?

“Matt Moore or someone like that that’s responsible. I can’t let Trav (Travis Kelce) or anybody like that do it… I mean, we never know what would happen,” Mahomes joked.



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