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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Super Bowl LVII is already being referred to as the Kelce Bowl. Now fans want to add another Kelce to the Big Game.

Fans created a petition asking the NFL to let Donna Kelce flip the coin at the beginning of the Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. Thousands of people have already signed the petition.

Donna is the mother of Chiefs TE Travis Kelce and Eagles C Jason Kelce.

While there have been plenty of famous NFL siblings over the years: Peyton vs. Eli Manning, Tiki vs. Ronde Barber, the Kelce brothers are the first to ever play in the same Super Bowl.

Now fans hope the NFL will also recognize the athletes’ mother.

Over the years Donna Kelce has done some pretty amazing things to support her children. That didn’t stop when her sons left home and were drafted to the NFL.

During wild-card weekend last year, Kelce started in Tampa Bay watching the Eagles against the Buccaneers, then jumped on a plane to Kansas City in time to watch the Chiefs play the Steelers at night.

Donna Kelce said she couldn’t make the same trek this year because of the timing of the games. Instead she cheered for Travis in the AFC Divisional Game at Arrowhead. The next weekend she sang the Eagles victory song while supporting Jason in the NFC Championship Game at the Linc in Philadelphia.

You’d think having two sons playing in the same Super Bowl would put Donna in a tough spot. She says she already knows who she’ll be cheering for during the game.

“Absolutely, the offense,” Donna Kelce told NBC’s “Today Show” Wednesday morning, since both sons play offense for their respective teams.

While the NFL said Donna Kelce will join the league at a number of events throughout the week, she won’t be involved for the coin toss, at least at this point.

We are big fans of Mrs. Kelce and she will join the NFL at a number of events throughout the week.

NFL Statement to FOX4 Thursday

While the NFL says it is a fan of the Kelces, the league said they’ve already announced plans for the Super Bowl’s coin toss.

“We are honored to salute the enduring legacy of service that Pat Tillman left behind by hosting four Pat Tillman Foundation Scholars who will participate in the coin toss ceremony,” a PR person with the NFL told FOX4 Thursday.