ST. JOSEPH, Mo. — The Kansas City Chiefs are a lock in St. Joseph for the next two years of training camps.

That means the city and Missouri Western State University are bracing for the influx of visitors following a Super Bowl win. City leadership talked about plans during a meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Other NFL teams have shifted to using in-house amenities for summer training camp, meaning the Chiefs staying in St. Joseph is unique in some respects.

The motivation to view the team training means a big bump for St. Joseph and Missouri Western State University – training camp HQ for the Chiefs.

Andy Carter, director of athletics for the university – said the Chiefs have nudged them to improve Wi-Fi and video screens at facilities.

“There’s no ultimatums or anything like that. That’s not how this relationship works. Although from the outside some might think of it that way, but it’s really a partnership,” Carter said.

St. Joseph Mayor John Josendale said the city is planning large-scale fan events to go along with the training camp, but they are also assisting the university.

“And that’s part of what we’re meeting about – some security stuff that they need out at Missouri Western that we’re trying to help with the upgrades that are being done there,” Josendale said.

The city was not able to celebrate the 2020 Super Bowl win with COVID hitting, so this year is planned to make up for that in some ways – following another big victory.

“They talked about it all starting in St. Joe. So, again, in an atmosphere where they get away from all the hassles of the big city and they’re able to come up here and concentrate on what they’re doing. I think — from their point of view — it’s a team-building experience,” Josendale said.

As for 2025, there are no definitive plans yet. But St. Joseph leadership is hopeful to continue the relationship.

In fact, they are also angling to be a World Cup practice facility as well, so there is a lot of planning and preparation happening behind the scenes.