KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has long been lauded as an offensive genius and for good reason.

Against the Las Vegas Raiders, Reid broke out one of his most creative plays yet. The offensive huddle broke into an NFL version of The Hora before breaking out into a Full House lineup where running back Jerick McKinnon received the snap.

McKinnon ran right pitched the ball to quarterback Patrick Mahomes and threw left to wide receiver Kadarius Toney who scored, but the play known as ‘Snowglobe’ was called back due to a penalty.

Later in the game, the Chiefs lined up defensive tackle Khalen Saunders in the backfield and had him run a route on a passing play; Mahomes didn’t throw the ball to him because he was covered.

The latest Coach Reid trick plays have sparked fans to go down memory lane with some of their plays that stick out the most.

Ferrari Right

In 2020 when the Chiefs were in a tight contest with the Carolina Panthers, Mahomes went into motion on the 1-yard line and everyone knew something was coming.

Mahomes ran back to take the snap then spun to scramble right and threw a tight spiral to Demarcus Robinson for a TD. The QB motion threw off the defense and QB1 took full advantage.

Hungry Pig Right

2016 saw a number of red zone trick plays for the Chief back when Alex Smith was QB1. Defensive tackle Dontari Poe was an athletic marvel at 6’3, 346 pounds and ran a 4.98 40-yard dash; as a result, the Chiefs including him in a number of red zone packages.

Against the then-Oakland Raiders, Poe was deployed into a diamond-style formation on the right side that sat him behind tight end Demetrius Harris, running back Jamaal Charles, fullback Anthony Sherman and an offensive lineman.

Poe caught a screen and ran it in for a touchdown just like a hungry pig would,

Bloated Tebow

This Dontari Poe trick play saw Poe taking a direct snap on the goal line.

The heavy formation saw Poe as the QB and Sherman as an offset H-back. At the snap, Poe ran up to the line and threw a jump pass TD to Harris.

Reid revealed the name of the play as ‘Bloated Tebow’ as an obvious nod to former Broncos QB Tim Tebow.

Smoked Sausage

Sherman was given the nickname ‘Sausage’ by Andy Reid and was given a red zone play by the same name.

In 2020 when the Chiefs faced the Baltimore Ravens, Tyreek Hill motioned to the backfield behind Mahomes while Sherman was offset to the right side.

Mahomes rolled right and threw an underhanded shovel pass to Sherman who ran it in for a wide open TD.

Rose Bowl Shift Right

One of the most famous trick plays in KC history is from the 1948 Rose Bowl.

During the Chiefs’ Super Bowl LIV win over the San Francisco 49ers, running back Damien Williams took a direct snap on fourth-and-1 in the red zone.

The Chiefs used some unique spinning motion on offense with multiple players spinning out of the way before Williams received the snap.

Williams got just enough of a crease to give the Chiefs their first TD of the game.

One thing that fans can count on when the Chiefs hit the playoffs is peak offensive creativity.