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GLENDALE, Ariz. — The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl matchup lived up to its billing as both teams went blow-for-blow all the way to the end.

It appears the fans enjoyed what they saw as the big game had 113 million viewers, making it the third most watched television broadcast ever and the most watched Super Bowl in six years.

KU School of Journalism and Mass Communications Assistant Professor Chris Etheridge says those large numbers across the nation are at least partially because Philadelphia and Kansas City both have passionate fanbases.

“Last year, for example, the Los Angeles market wasn’t even in the top 10 in viewership, and it was in Los Angeles and the [Los Angeles] Rams were in it,” said Etheridge.

Super Bowl LVII was also the most streamed event in Fox Sports history and the most streamed Super Bowl of all-time.

Kansas City had a 52.0 rating with an 87 share, the highest of all markets watching the game. Philadelphia was second with a 46.3 rating and a 77 share.

Etheridge says, just like with any polling data, those numbers are approximate, but still uniquely impressive.

“The best that we can say is that it’s around 90%, which is still an astronomically huge number,” said Etheridge. “You can’t get 90% of the population to do anything so the fact that the NFL has been able to do that, and FOX now, two years in a row in Kansas City is a huge statement on how popular the Chiefs are.”

Super Bowl XLIX between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks is the most watched broadcast ever with 114 million viewers.

Rihanna’s highly anticipated halftime show brought in even more viewers as 118.7 million viewers watched her performance.

Both squads were the two best teams all season and the play on the field was indicative of the so the viewership numbers are certainly warranted.