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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Coors Light’s latest ad starring Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes features a creative way to promote the adult beverage, despite league rules against it.

In the new ad, Mahomes debuts a new item: The Coors Light, a flashlight with Coors Light branding, but no beverage inside.

“It’s a flashlight, not a beer,” the narrator says.

The ad shows Mahomes pull the flashlight out of the fridge and handle it like a beverage.

“Nothing beats the sturdy feeling of The Coors Light in your hand. The Coors Light is 100% flashlight and 0% adult beverage. It’s perfect for camping trips or those warm summer nights spent with great friends,” the announcer continues.

According to Mark Burns from the Morning Consult in 2019, the NFL relaxed its policy on alcoholic beverage sponsorships, but still have some limitations.

Beer companies must:

  • Use active players
  • Cannot imply the endorsement of the product
  • Must use licensed Associated Press action shots of players in uniform

Mahomes’ involvement solely features him with the flashlight, which also has his foundation’s, 15 and the Mahomies, logo on the side. Proceeds from the $15 flashlight will benefit the foundation.

“The Coors Light is made with high quality steel so it feels cold as the Rocky Mountains, to use a random analogy,” the narrator said, referencing the company’s long-time slogan for the beer.

The ad ends with the 2018 NFL MVP opening the flashlight to the sound of a can opening and pouring out the batteries inside.

It’s no secret that Mahomes has a sponsorship with Coors Light. His likeness has been featured in several ads previously as well as at his wedding, which included Coors Light bottles with his and his wife Brittany Mahomes faces on the label.

During “The Match,” when he teamed up with Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen to face Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady, he name dropped the company calling it his “swing juice” to help him perform on the golf course.

Coors Light was also a sponsor for his charity golf tournament every summer and for his involvement with the HBCU Legacy Bowl.