These are the Kansas City Chiefs’ highest-paid players in 2020


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There has been a whirlwind of changes to the Kansas City Business Journal’s Highest-Paid Athletes List in 2020, which now includes an incredible 20 Kansas City Chiefs players.

Although the reduced number of Kansas City Royals players probably won’t be permanent, the 10-year, $450 million contract extension that Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes signed this year will make him the area’s highest-paid athlete for much of his career.

But not yet.

In 2020, Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark moved up one spot to No. 1 on our Highest-Paid Athletes List. His earnings during the 2020-21 season also will make him the 10th-highest-paid player in the National Football League and the second-highest-paid player at his position.

Royals left fielder Alex Gordonlast year’s highest-paid athlete, marked the end of his playing days, bringing home about $1.48 million in 2020, which didn’t rank him among this year’s top 25.

During his 14-year Major League Baseball career, Gordon has managed to put together one of the area’s highest-paying careers — earning $121.15 million, all with the Royals.

Read more on Kansas City athletes’ earnings, including the top Chiefs stars, in the Kansas City Business Journal. A subscription might be required.

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