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RAYTOWN, Mo. — A Jackson County artist is turning the Kansas City Chiefs into superheroes. 

Chris Rau is an art teacher at Raytown High School and uses his style to make the players larger than life. Rau says he enjoys teaching his students about comic book style drawing with sports heroes they love. 

He draws everything on paper and then scans the images into the computer to color them in photoshop. 

Recently, Chiefs player Daniel Sorenson commissioned him to draw his portrait. Rau says combining his love of comics and football makes more sense than you’d think.

“Growing up that was always – you’d read Spiderman, or Batman or whatever, and then you’d also watch the Chiefs game. They’re out there doing unbelievable feats of strength, and as a kid you idolize them so much. It’s even more so because they’re actually tangible,” Rau said.

“They’re in your community, right? You could actually run into one sometime, and you’d be like, ‘Oh my gosh. That’s the real superhero!'” Rau said.

Rau not only likes to draw Chiefs players, but does art geared towards the Royals as well.