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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Patrick Mahomes’ ankle and how it will impact the Chiefs quarterback’s game in the AFC Championship has been THE question for the past week.

Chiefs fans gasped last week when Mahomes went down with an ankle injury against Jacksonville. Mahomes’ father had the same reaction as he watched his son from the crowd at Arrowhead.

“A little bit of fear, as always, you know. I actually saw the replay and once I saw the replay I was like ‘uh oh,’ I thought he may have messed up his knee a little bit or something like that. It ended up being an ankle, but when I looked down at him he had the same look on his face when he messed his collar bone up at Iowa State,” Mahomes Sr. said. “I could kinda read his body language and kinda tell how hurt he is and it looked pretty bad. I thought he was hurt pretty bad. Once I made eye contact with him once he got back to the sideline, I kinda knew he was gonna still be playing.”

The Chiefs quarterback has said all week that he is good to go for Sunday’s AFC Championship Game against the Cincinnati Bengals. He’s had hours of treatments and rehab on his ankle over the past seven days. Mahomes told reporters that the ankle improved every day since the injury.

Mahomes’ father says he is getting the same message from his son.

“Everything is feeling better. He said he’s making progress, and that he feels like he’s going to be able to play close to 100%,” Mahomes Sr. said.

He went on to say that “players make plays,” and he expects everyone to be ready to go Sunday evening.

Just like Chiefs players have gameday rituals, Mahomes Sr. has his own AFC Championship traditions. For the past four seasons, he’s met FOX4’s Carey Wickersham for a morning interview before the game.

“It’s been working, so you know, gotta stay with the same thing,” Mahomes Sr. said.

The tradition also includes wearing his son’s jersey.

“I’m wearing my Pat jersey. I’ve gotta do that for my Sterling and my Bronze. Same jeans and same socks, the same hat, you know everything. I try to keep it as usually as I do every week. I just try to do that every time I come here and watch the game,” Mahomes Sr. said.

Mahomes, Sr. said the superstitions come from his years playing Major League Baseball. The superstitions are something he says he’s also passed along to his children.

“I don’t know exactly what ritual he has right now, but it’s the same. He’s going to the field at the same time that he always goes whether it’s a day game or a night game,” Mahomes Sr. said. “He’s gonna do the same thing. He’s gonna take the same route. He’s gonna go into the locker room and do the stuff at the same time, that’s kind of a thing we’ve always done,” Mahomes Sr. said.

Chiefs fans hope those superstitions pay off and Mahomes continues his tradition of winning at Arrowhead stadium with another trip to the Super Bowl.