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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s usually the wedding day that’s unforgettable, but in Chiefs Kingdom a Kansas City couple will be talking about a save-the-date photo session for years.

Lauren and her fiancé are obviously huge Chiefs fans. Not every bride would show up to a wedding-related photo shoot wearing a Travis Kelce jersey. It turns out, the choice of attire really paid off for the couple.

As Bruce Spear of Focus & Flow Photography shot these pictures of Lauren and her fiancé in their Chiefs gear downtown, Travis Kelce just happened to drive by.

Kelce noticed the couple, parked his car, and photobombed the shoot, according to Spear.

The Chiefs star introduced himself and even posed for pictures with the couple as Focus & Flow Photography snapped away to document the amazing experience.

A day after the photo session Lauren thanked Kelce on Facebook and shared that she was still dreaming about the moment.

You can see more pictures of the impromptu photoshoot with Travis Kelce on Instagram at Focus & Flow Photography.