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NEW YORK — The Kansas City Chiefs tight end impressed many with his performance on Saturday Night Live.

The hyped-up episode was filled with Kelce as he joked about his family, Patrick Mahomes and his shortlived tv show among other things.


The show started strong with Travis Kelce’s monologue.

He opened with applause after announcing that winning his second Super Bowl made hosting SNL much better.

“I’m lying, I’m kidding. Winning the Super Bowl was way better.”

Then he proceeded to mention his ‘way with words’ because of his speeches to his teammates. The clips after that show Kelce yelling ‘More!’ at his teammates during Super Bowl 57.

He also gave a small Mahomes impression, yelling the same thing.

Kelce’s family was in the audience for the monologue and he mentioned how he beat his brother Jason, and how his mother Donna was on TV more than they both were during Super Bowl Week.

“He agrees that the ref made the right call. It was a holding,” Kelce said to his brother Jason who was shown on camera looking away in disagreement.

What may have gotten the 33-year-old the most applause during his monologue is his joke about getting kicked off his high school and college teams for failing classes and testing positive for marijuana.

“Just goes to show you if you smoke weed and you’re bad at school, you can win the Super Bowl twice!”

What got the most laughs out of Jason was Travis’s joke about his reality dating show Catching Kelce.

“That show is owned by NBC Universal so it should be on Peacock but Peacock said ‘nah, we good’!”

Travis almost teared up when he spoke about how he grew up watching SNL and he got to host the show for the night.

One of Kelce’s skits featured Chiefs center Creed Humphrey and Jason in an advertisement about an NFL ‘charity’ where NFL players are ‘lifting women whose boyfriends can’t pick them up.’ That skit was cut from the live show because of time.

Travis was also featured in several live sketches. There were multiple live sketches about dating, like one that showcased the perils of the dating app Hinge and a live sketch mocking the Netflix dating show Too Hot to Handle, where Kelce has an Australian accent.

Jason appeared in another sketch where he played the boyfriend of a woman that Travis went out on a date with once.

There’s also a pre-recorded skit where Kelce uses some physical comedy to teach self-defense.

Kelce is now one of 33 professional athletes to have hosted SNL and the second Chief to have hosted the long-running show, with quarterback Joe Montana hosting in 1986 before arriving in KC.

The star tight end is the only active Chief to have hosted the show.