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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — History will be made at this year’s Super Bowl in many ways, but especially for two fan favorites.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce are in for the game of their lives this year. They’re set to become the first brothers to play against each other in the Super Bowl, this year in Glendale, Arizona.

The Kelce brothers are known for their competitive nature and laughs these days, but their mother Donna Kelce said growing up Kelce in the family’s hometown of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, wasn’t always fun. Donna said it was sometimes hard raising two boys just 23 months apart in age. 

“I lost most of the time,” Donna Kelce said in an interview with FOX4.

“Yeah, it’s a lot of broken windows, a lot of, you know, crashes, a lot of fighting. They were very, very competitive from a very early age. And Travis was always the one that was the instigator because he wanted his brother’s attention.”

Now, that competition will be on the field on Feb. 12.

After the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the San Francisco 49ers in their conference championship game on Sunday, Jason said his time being a Chiefs fan this season has come to an end.

“I have a Kansas City sweatshirt that I will wear for the next three hours,” Jason said after the game. “That’s it for the rest of the year.”

The Chiefs also defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in their conference championship Sunday.

In last year’s postseason, Donna was able to hop quickly from Tampa to Kansas City to watch both the Eagles and the Chiefs play in their Wild Card matchups on the same day.

She watched Jason’s game in person before traveling to Kansas City and made it by halftime to watch Travis play.

But things were different this year due to the timing of the games. She was only able to go to Kansas City in the Divisional Round and only able to go to Philadelphia for Championship Sunday.

On Super Bowl Sunday, she’ll be able to watch her sons play at the same time in the same game.

“It’s your hopes and dreams coming true, but it’s your worst fears,” Donna told sister station WJW. “You know, somebody’s gonna go home a loser, and neither one of them lose very well.”