Twitter accounts belonging to Chiefs, 14 others with NFL ties, hacked by overseas group

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Everyone wants a piece of Super Bowl LIV. That includes online hackers, who violated cyber security provisions on the Kansas City Chiefs Twitter page, as well as those belonging to 14 other NFL Twitter accounts.

It's a minor security breach that could have originated from someone's mobile phone. On Monday, the Chiefs Twitter account was hacked by a group called Our Mine, as verified on that European group's own Twitter feed.

Jon Schram, who operates a Kansas City metro IT and cyber-security firm called The Purple Guys, said OurMine is an online hacking group known for snatching access credentials for various social media accounts and then, mockingly encouraging the owners of those accounts to employ Our Mine to secure their accounts so it won't happen again.

Schram said Our Mine claims that anything is hackable, and he believes they might be right, since Our Mine has also successfully hacked Twitter accounts belonging to Jack Dorsey, Twitter's founder, and Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's founder.

"They tend to target high-profile people to get attention," Schram said.

Schram suspects usernames and passwords belonging to NFL Twitter accounts, including the Chiefs, are likely in possession of multiple staffers per team. Something as simple as a phishing incident could be to blame for the violation.

"I'm guessing someone clicked on something, most likely in an email that they shouldn't have and then, OurMine, the hacking group, got ahold of those credentials," Schram said.

Schram and his staff at The Purple Guys feel this should be a reminder to every social media user to change their password often.

Schram said he doesn't believe the Chiefs website was violated, or any sensitive info belonging to Chiefs account holders was exposed. We reached out to the Chiefs for comment on Monday, but nobody replied to our request.



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