Twitter user confuses Chiefs coach Andy Reid with 'diabeetus' guy, gets response from Wilford Brimley

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s no secret that Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid likes to eat.

Just last week, Reid used an analogy about sweet and sour pork to describe his grandchildren. He also celebrated the Chiefs AFC Championship win with a cheeseburger before going to bed.

Andy Reid (left) and Wilford Brimley (right)

So, it’s feasible how someone would confuse Andy Reid with Wilford Brimley, Liberty Medical’s pitchman for diabetes testing supplies — and that’s just what happened on Super Bowl Sunday.

Twitter user @holy_schnitt asked, “serious question is the chiefs coach the “diabeetus” guy?”

This prompted a response from Brimley, who replied, “Ellie, no. I am the “diabeetus” guy.”

Brinley was diagnosed with diabetes in 1979 and has worked to raise awareness about the disease. These days he’s retired and lives in Wyoming, spending his free time working with his charity, Hands Across The Saddle.



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