LAS VEGAS — In a showdown of NFL superstars, wide receiver Tyreek Hill represented the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2022 Pro Bowl Skills Showdown, but came up short in an event tailor-made for his skill set.

The Cheetah lined up against Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chub and Dallas Cowboys linebacker and cornerback Micah Parson and Trevon Diggs in a 40-yard-dash to declare who is the Fastest Man in the NFL.

In the pre-race interview, Hill said he was not only the fastest man in the league, he said he was the fastest man in the world.

However, when it came to race time, Hill got off to a slow start after not even getting down into a racing stance.

  • First Place: Micah Parsons
  • Second Place: Nick Chubb
  • Third Place: Trevon Diggs
  • Fourth Place: Tyreek Hill

After the race, Parsons admitted that Hill did not try his hardest.

“I know he ain’t come out there and give his best, he just played a couple days ago. He’s the fastest man in the league. I’m just happy to be somewhere in the middle,” Parsons said. “I do want a Madden 95-speed though!”

Hill also competed in the Best Catch event, going up against Diggs, Stefon Diggs and Justin Jefferson.

Each contestant had two rounds to impress judges actor Anthony Mackie and former NFL wide receivers Santonio Holmes and David Tyree. Each round’s score was averaged from the three judges score given out of 100. The winner would be decided by the combined scored of the two rounds.

Hill’s first catch paid homage to Tyree himself, attempting to emulate his famed helmet catch in Super Bowl XLII that won the New York Giants the game over the New England Patriots.

Despite Tyree’s 100, Hill received a 96 for the round.

For his second catch, Hill walked into a phone booth and came out wearing a cheetah print coat, paying homage to his own nickname.

His son was involved in the second catch as he leapt off a trampoline, caught the ball and tried to windmill-dunk it into his son’s hands.

Hill received another 96 average score for the round bringing his total score to 192, which was good for third place.

  • First Place: Trevon Diggs – 198.7
  • Second Place: Justin Jefferson – 195.7
  • Third Place: Tyreek Hill – 192
  • Fourth Place: Stefon Diggs – 186.7

Watch Hill, Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Frank Clark and Tyrann Mathieu team up with the league’s best in the 2022 Pro Bowl kicking off on Sunday at 2 p.m. from Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.