OLATHE, Kan. — Former Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill was back in the Kansas City-area this weekend, hosting around 750 kids at a youth football camp.

“It’s amazing, seeing this amount of people supporting me. It means a lot,” he said.

The camp gave hundreds of local kids a chance to receive football instruction from Hill and other local coaches.

“I’m here to see who really loves football, who here wants to compete, to see if anyone is faster than the Cheetah,” Hill said.

He’s done this in year’s past, but this was his first Kansas City-area youth camp as a member of a team that’s not Chiefs.

“I haven’t been gone long enough,” Hill said. “KC’s always going to have my heart because this is where it all started.”

But Hill’s teaser for an upcoming podcast titled “It Needed to be Said” left fans wondering how he felt before he was traded to the Miami Dolphins.

The podcast co-host asked Hill if he thought the Chiefs were hindering his performance to ward off potential trade partners. The clip ends before Hill answers.

Hill largely shot that topic down when talking to media Sunday.

“I’m getting the exact reaction that I wanted from people. I’m getting followers. I’m getting people’s panties in a wad,” Hill said. “I will say this. They did not suppress my stats. I got nothing but respect for Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, Travis (Kelce) all of that. I love my teammates no matter what.”

Hill said he’s getting adjusted to Miami, and loves his new quarterback, Tua Tagavailoa.

“When it first happened, I was kind of shocked. I was kind of disappointed a little bit,” he said. “But I’ve been in Miami and for a few months practicing with the guys, and I’m having a blast. I feel like I’m able to express myself more. I’m more of a leader on that team, so I’m very excited for the challenge.”

“I will say people notice us when we go out, but it’s nothing like Kansas City. The love here in KC is unreal,” he said.

When asked if he would be able to do a podcast like the one he’s doing now if he were in KC, he said, “On different teams you’re allowed to do different things. In Miami, I’m able to do my own thing. I’m an older guy now, so I feel like somethings need to be said.”

Hill is now the highest paid wide receiver in the league, but maintains it’s not about the money.

“I came from (junior college). My skill set, my mindset is to be the best, no matter what,” Hill said. “The money part was a bonus, but I’m going to continue to chase greatness. I’m going to continue to try and get better. I’m going to try to help my team win the Super Bowl. That’s my attitude.”

As for his thoughts on the new Chiefs wide receiving core?

“I think for the better, the direction that they’re going, with Patrick Mahomes, who is a talent within himself, he’s going to be able to utilize different skill sets,” he said.