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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce is quickly becoming known for his victory speeches.

Just like in 2020, he gave a passionate, enthusiastic speech from the stage at Union Station during the Chiefs’ Super Bowl rally on Wednesday. Replay it in the video player above.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the best tight end in the National Football League: Travis Kelce,” Chiefs radio announcer Mitch Holthus said as a crowd of hundreds of thousands of Chiefs fans went wild.

“Chiefs Kingdom, let me hear you!” Kelce shouted to the crowd.

If possible, they yelled even louder.

“Let me take you back to 2022 in the month of maybe April. Guys were getting signed left and right,” said Kelce, referencing former Chiefs players like Tyreek Hill and Tyrann Mathieu being traded and signing with other teams.

“The haters were saying that the Chiefs would never make the playoffs. The haters were saying the Chiefs were done.”

“If you knew the Chiefs were gonna win the division, let me hear you say, ‘Hell yeah,'” Kelce prompted. A sea of red shouted “Hell yeah,” right back.

“If you knew the Chiefs were gonna get the number one seed, let me hear you say, ‘Hell yeah,'” he said again.

Chiefs Kingdom responded right back.

“I knew it. You knew it. But they didn’t know it,” the Chiefs tight end said.

Eventually he ditched the “hell yeahs” and switched to a reference to rapper Master P.

“If you knew the Kansas City Chiefs were gonna have the best offense in the National Football League, let me hear you say, ‘Ugghhhhh’ …. ‘Na na na na!'” said Kelce, referencing Master P’s “Make ’em Say Ugh.”

Chiefs Kingdom went right along with the fun, over and over.

“We do this for you guys,” Kelce said. “I want you guys to genuinely know this. We do this for you guys, and we love every single time you make Arrowhead shake. Whoooo!”

Kelce said this was the best season of his life, and he owes it all to his teammates, the organizations and Chiefs fans everywhere.