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LOS ANGELES — Sloppy play and defensive stops were the headlines of the first three quarters of the Kansas City Chiefs-Los Angeles Chargers Thursday night game.

As the game went into the fourth quarter 14-13, the fireworks came out.

Both teams scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes led a game-tying drive that evened the score with 1:16 on the clock.

Once the game went to overtime, it only took five plays for the Chiefs to score a touchdown to win the game.

With the offense having its struggles during the Chiefs’ seven-game winning streak, the team and the fans are ecstatic to see that the offense can still produce when called upon.

“It was like a walk-off home run in baseball. You have a walk-off like that and celebration and you look over and see the guys jumping around and you know all the hard work that goes into it,” head coach Andy Reid said.

“That’s satisfying.”

Tight end Travis Kelce caught the game-winning catch and ran 34 yards for the score; this put a cap on a spectacular game for him (10 catches, 191 yards, 2 touchdowns).

Kelce has posted some low numbers the past three games, but this career-high game performance helped inspire his team to keep the fire going on offense.

“I’m glad that all that hard work he puts in every single day is paying off,” Mahomes said.

“He was the first guy that came up to me after the interception that was just like ‘Hey, let’s show that heart. Let’s show that. Get back out there, we believe in you.’ It seems like he’s always that guy for everybody. He has a true belief in every single person on this team and we feed off that energy he brings every single day.”

For Kelce, he understands that his words and his play can give strength to his teammates and to fans all around the world.

“Not only do we have to believe in ourselves but we give a lot of hope and a lot of happiness to the people watching. How fortunate is that man,” Kelce said.

“It’s pretty cool that every single Sunday and every now and then a Thursday or Monday night we get to go out there and show the world how much fun we have doing what we do.”

While Kelce has only had four 100-plus yard games this year, players and coaches said he has kept the same attitude and keeps encouraging everyone around him.

“Every single week we just hack away. That’s what this team does,” Kelce said. “We have great leadership in Coach Reid, great leadership in all the coaches to just keep going and keep trying to figure out ways throughout the struggles, throughout whatever happens on the field. You just keep leaning on your brother and keep finding ways to get things done and that’s what you saw today.”