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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Patrick Mahomes and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy were seen having a little spat on the sidelines at halftime of the Kansas City Chiefs loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

Most times when players and coaches are seen bickering on the sidelines during games, most people will play it down as competitive attitudes just talking during a game.

This dispute came because of the Chiefs’ choice to let the clock run with less than 10 seconds left in the first half instead of attempting to score before halftime.

“I wanted to go try to score. That’s just who I am,” Mahomes said after the game. “The smart decision was let’s just go to halftime but I’m always gonna wanna score and I pretty much just said ‘Let me have a chance at it.’ Then [Bieniemy] was just like ‘Let’s get back in our locker room and we’ll get something going for the next half.'”

Mahomes threw two deep incompletions before Jerick McKinnon ran the ball with no timeouts.

“All I said was ‘I’m not gonna turn it over. I’ll get it out, try to get to the sidelines and try to get us a chance to kick a field goal. It’s a tough situation.”

“Me, I’m on the field, I’m playing, I wanna always try to go score, that’s who I am. But that’s their job is to make sure they manage the game the right way.”

“We had multiple chances to win after that, we just gotta be better in the second half.”

The Chiefs will have to be better on offense with a tough slate coming up.

After a road trip next week to Tampa Bay, they face the Raiders, Bills, 49ers and Titans.