KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Chiefs have wrapped up their 2023 NFL Draft.

On Thursday, head coach Andy Reid and general manager Brett Veach commented on the Chiefs’ first round pick. On Friday, assistant general manager Mike Borgonzi commented on the second round pick.

On Saturday, the area scouts, the people that have most likely seen the most tape on every prospect the Chiefs have drafted, get to comment on every Day 3 pick.

Here are what the scouts said about the Day 3 picks.

Anthony McGee on fourth-round Virginia Tech defensive back Chamarri Conner: “His versatility. He was asked to do a lot of things, play a lot of positions at Virginia Tech… He will play any position that you need to in the back end and he just brings size, speed, burst, everything. So I just love the way he plays a guy that will want to do anything and everything for the team.”

Jason Lamb on fifth-round Stephen F. Austin defensive end BJ Thompson: “This guy’s a freaky athlete… 6’6, he’s got 35-inch arms, his bend, his flexibility, his ability to come off the edge is pretty impressive… You kind of saw that obviously through this whole time at SFA and then also in the East-West Shrine game they played at. That’s where you kind of really jumped off the page… you got a long athletic defensive end, arrow up on this kid, so his ability to rush the passer, I mean you get excited about that for sure.”

Jason Lamb on sixth-round Texas defensive tackle Keondre Coburn: “He’s a big dude up front, strong, powerful, explosive. And the thing about him though, is being as big as he is, the dude can move.. He’ll chase the quarterbacks, He can run around and run it, you know,, make the quarterback scramble outside the pocket. So yeah, he’s gonna bring a big presence up front. A lot of explosiveness a lot of power, a lot of strength in his game.”