With Chiefs starters out Sunday, younger players have opportunity to get valuable play time


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A quick look at the injury report and all the key players out, it was clear rest was needed. 

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid said plenty of starters will get rest. Time now for some of the younger players to get some valuable playtime against the Los Angeles Chargers.

“I think any experience that they can get is a positive, whoever it is that has a chance to play,” Reid said. “Now, with the new rules, you’ve got some veteran guys, just because we’ve got these COVID rules, and those guys can jump in and play. I mean, you’re probably not looking as much at experience there, but with some of these young guys, that’s a great thing for them. You can’t buy that. I mean, how often does this happen where you have a chance to do this in a real game? So, I just think it’s a tremendous opportunity.”

“Go out there and be you, let your personality show, don’t be somebody that you’re not,” said veteran quarterback Chad Henne. “Even though this is a big stage for some guys, possible contracts for future, but you can’t worry about that. I mean you go out there, you play one play at a time, do the best to your capability, if you know you get beat one play, come back the next play and beat the defender up.”

But for the younger players on the roster, one can argue their play has been above expectations. 

Defensively, 5th round pick Mike Danna has two and half sacks and cornerback L’Jarius Sneed with three interceptions along with two sacks.

“Yes and no because at the same time, I still had the idea that whenever my number was going to be called, I’d be ready to go,” Danna said. “That’s the bar I set for myself. Going into the season, I wanted to soak in as much as I could so I could be able to excel, especially with the teammates I have, the position group I have, the coaches I have. If it wasn’t for those guys I probably wouldn’t even be where I’m at.”

“The main goal is to stay the course, take it day by day, and believe in the process,” Sneed said. “Also, don’t let us take a break during this off time that we have, stay in the film room and stay engaged with the team.”

Sneed, Danna and the other young players get a chance to push the Chiefs to 15 and 1 to end the season. 



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