With dad Lamar on his mind, Chiefs owner Clark Hunt remarks on spectacle the Super Bowl has become

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MIAMI — Super Bowl LIV is a special occasion for all Chiefs fans and Kansas City in general, but the game holds extra significance to the Hunt family.

The Hunts have owned the Chiefs since Lamar Hunt founded the franchise as the Dallas Texans, and began play in 1960 before moving to KC for the 1963 season.

Norma Hunt will be at the Super Bowl like every other Super Bowl since its inception. The game was a dream and creation of the Chiefs late owner.

As a matter of fact, Norma told Clark Hunt a couple of years ago, “Son, it would certainly be nice to win one of these for dad with me in attendance.”

Clark Hunt was just about to turn 5 years old the last time the Chiefs won the Super Bowl. He said he has a picture with his dad from the game, but that`s about the only memory he has from the Super Bowl IV triumph over the Minnesota Vikings.

He said he`ll be thinking a lot about his dad on Sunday, and what Hunt would think about the spectacle the Super Bowl has become.

“I think he would be amazed. He and my mother actually talked about that at one of the last Super Bowls they attended together about 15 years ago. He said, ‘I always knew it was going to be big, but I didn’t know it was going to be this big,'” Clark Hunt said.

“That was back around Super Bowl 40, so here we are 14 years later and the game just continues to grow. I think he would be amazed by it, but also thrilled to see the game that he really helped create, what it’s become.”

The countdown to Sunday’s kickoff is on, and the urgency really begins to ramp up on Wednesday as the Chiefs will have their first full practice of the week, following a number of media events on Monday and Tuesday. FOX4 is your home for the game, which begins at 5:25 p.m., on Sunday.

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