PLATTE WOODS, Mo. — Chiefs Kingdom is buzzing. It’s the NFL’s season opener and fans are going all out for their Chiefs.

Fans prove why they have one of the most loyal fan bases in the NFL. One man makes a permanent decision that involved Andy Reid’s face on his own body.

“It hurt a little bit, but I feel good,” Chiefs fan Chance Carter said.

Like the players, Carter puts his body on the line to represent the red and gold.

He’s getting a tattoo of Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid.

“I’ve got one of the best coaches to ever coach in the NFL on my leg so I can always look down and see that,” Carter said.

The man behind Big Red is Tattoo Artist Pooh.

“I plan on putting a cheeseburger in here eventually,” Pooh said.

He said this is just the beginning. Carter wants a leg sleeve.

The theme, “Chiefs,” Carter said.

Pooh said the sleeve will take more than a year to complete, but Andy Reid will be ready by game time.

“We’re doing Kelce after that, then we’re doing of course the Chiefs logo and we might even throw the stadium in there somewhere,” he said.

Pooh said they’re saving the best for last, Patrick Mahomes.

Carter also dabbles with design. He’s a local barber and a lot of his clients are Chiefs fans who come in with special requests.

“Some of the barbers have done chiefs logos and that was pretty fun,” Carter said.

Chiefs fans are serious about showing support for the team. From tattoos on their legs to getting red and gold fingertips, nail technicians at The Glam Room are on hand to help make it happen.

“Definitely during the football season there’s a lot of reds for the Chiefs, Chiefs Kingdom,” Level 3 Nail Tech Gabi Cancelada said.

Cancelada said she knows when it’s football season, a lot more people are eyeing a specific color on the shelf — red.

“Maybe I do a sparkle,” one customer said.

Others like to shine, like the Super Bowl trophy. One Carter hopes his team will be holding at the end of this season.

“KC let’s get this win, let’s go back to the Super Bowl, let’s run it back,” Carter said.