With limited capacity, Chiefs fans expected to pay much more for AFC Championship game


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Tickets to watch the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday are looking awfully pricey as game day approaches.

Comparing AFC Championship tickets this year versus last, fans can expect to pay around three times as much for an individual ticket.

But that is actually a pretty conservative estimate of the complete price tag.

First off, we know there is a restriction of tickets with Arrowhead Stadium capping attendance capacity at 22%. So supply goes down, prices go up.

But the other main issue is that tickets are being sold in groups or pods, mostly groups of five. So if you are straight-up comparing individual ticket prices, it’s a little misleading.

For example, on the website Tickets for Less if you were looking for lower sideline tickets, one ticket would cost $1,095. But the five ticket pod total would actually cost you near $8,980.95.

On StubHub, a ticket for a lower sidelines seat is listed at $1,005. The five ticket pod, with fees, is actually $10,869.75.

And on Ticketmaster, a lower bowl seat is listed at $2,250 apiece. For five seats the cost would be $13,137.35.

Last year the cheapest tickets for the AFC Championship game were around $285. That price came from the Tuesday before that game where the Chiefs beat the Tennessee Titans.



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