KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Nebraska boy gifted signed cleats from Kansas City Chiefs safety Justin Reid is in town to see his hero play.

Reid sent the cleats to thank the 11-year-old Chiefs fan for giving him a pair of drawings during training camp. 

Cade Nichols and his family drove more than 4 hours to be in Kansas City this weekend for Sunday’s game vs the Los Angeles Chargers.  

“Best safety in the NFL, right there!” Cade said Friday. 

He immediately spotted the poster of his favorite player on display at Arrowhead Stadium. 

“The Chiefs are going to pull out the win — easy,” Cade said. 

In addition to seeing the game, he wants to thank Reid in person for the signed cleats.

You might remember, Reid was searching for the talented artist behind a pair of drawings. Cade passed them to Reid’s teammate at training camp.

“Give them to Justin Reid, please,” Cade said.

Then FOX4 helped connect Reid and Cade on Facetime when Reid and the Chiefs surprised Cade with the cleats. 

Cade’s mom Janice Nichols said her son took Reid’s words that day to heart.

“Justin said you know, ‘When I was your age, I just wanted to be the hardest worker, and the skills will come,’ and Cade’s repeated that,” Nichols said.

Cade made the football team and played safety. He said on fourth down, he knocked the ball away from the other team. 

“When you’re on the field, you don’t really hear the crowd,” Cade said. “All you hear is momma because she’s screaming, ‘Go Cade, go Cade!'” 

Then, he hit Reid’s signature move.

“I felt like Justin,” Cade said. “I started hoppin’ around, and my teammates came over to celebrate.”

Cade said he wants to be a professional football player and pay forward the kindness he’s received. 

“He said, ‘Mom, I’m going to give a football to those kids in the stands that wear my jersey,’ and I just smile because that’s what dreams are made of,” Nichols said.

On Sunday, they’re sitting near the end zone in row two. Cade hopes to catch a ball and Reid’s attention — possibly getting his jersey signed. 

“We got Justin Reid right here!” Cade said.

Cade continues to sharpen his drawing skills. He even surprised FOX4’s Regan Porter with a drawing — standing in front of Arrowhead with a red Chiefs jersey on.