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INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Colts cornerback Kenny Moore II made good on a promise to a young fan at a charity event for GiGi’s Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Gracie Burke met Moore at the event and told him that her favorite player was not a Colts player, but it was actually Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Moore was sad to find out that her favorite player was not a Colt, but promised Gracie that he would reach out to Mahomes for her anyway and he did via Twitter.

“yo @PatrickMahomes I promised Gracie I’d let you know she said what’s up!! She loves to dance and watch you play! Love!” the tweet said along with a picture of the pair.

Even while on vacation in Hawaii for his own charity golf tournament, Mahomes took the time to respond to Moore and Gracie.

“Gracie!! What’s up?!? Appreciate you letting me know my man! @KennyKennyMoe3

The gesture may have been small, but made a huge impact on the young fan who responded herself with a video wearing a Mahomes jersey.

“Hi Patrick Mahomes! This is Gracie Burke and I met your friend Kenny Moore. What’s up, Patrick? You’re the greatest player of all time!” Gracie said in the video.

Moore met Gracie at the Cornament of Champions, a fundraiser for GiGi’s Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Center put on by the George 4 Foundation and American Cornhole League.

The cornhole tournament raised money for a new 12 passenger van for the center to aid in transportation.

Chiefs fans will agree with Gracie that Mahomes is the greatest, on and off the field.