DES MOINES, Iowa — According to the opposition, Kansas and Missouri are more alike than people think.

Ahead of 1-seed Kansas facing off against 8-seed Arkansas, Razorback players Kamani Johnson and Jordan Walsh were asked to compare the Jayhawks to a team in the SEC.

They chose a team near and dear to every KU fan’s heart.

“Maybe (Texas) A&M or maybe like Mizzou when Kobe Brown is at the 5,” Johnson said.

“I would agree with Mizzou but also at the same time I feel like Kansas is their own school,” Walsh said.

Walsh continued by saying that Kansas’ passing prowess and wrinkles on offense along with great coaching make them their own great, unique team.

The teams do have a few similarities: ball and (Jalen Wilson and Kobe Brown), a veteran point guard (Nick Honor and Dajuan Harris), three-point specialists (D’Moi Hodge and Gradey Dick) and high-flying freshmen off the bench (Aidan Shaw and Ernest Udeh).

Kansas beat the Tigers in December 95-67 in a shellacking but Mizzou caught Kansas on one of their best days of the year. Both teams finished close to a conference championship as well with Kansas losing in the Big 12 championship and Mizzou losing in the semifinals.

While the comparison itself is realistic and complimenting, fans of both sides would most likely want to never be compared to each other.