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LAWRENCE, Kan. — Braiden Turner’s been a season ticket holder since the days of quarterback Todd Reesing and the success of the late 2000s, now KU is 3-0, and interest is high.

“KU’s been one of the worse Power 5 programs in the country since 2009, so just seeing a packed house and a sell-out for the first time in years is amazing,” Turner said.

“There’s people you have had to pay to go to the games. They were that bad. And there were people walking into the games for free. And now, my favorite part about this week is that people want to go.”

Turner took it a step further, getting on social media and getting money to give tickets to fill up Memorial Stadium.

“I just wanted to get fans to the stadium. It’s been a tough 13 years, so I told people if they don’t have the money to go, I’ll buy them a ticket, which might have been a mistake at first,” he said.

Turns out plenty were willing to Venmo him money to get tickets for fans.

Charlie Hustle helped; an anonymous lady gave him $1,000 to help get tickets.

KU got wind of his efforts and let him purchase more tickets, and he had specific fans in mind. Kids, for instance.

The father of KU running back Ky Thomas runs a youth group, and Turner was happy to help.

“We sent 40 tickets to the youth program and the kids are super happy they get to go to something that they don’t usually get to do, and it just feels amazing seeing these kids super happy,” Turner said.

He hopes the kids remember their experience and maybe want to go to more games he also hopes KU can keep up the performance on the field.

“Feel like every KU fan deserves to have their hopes up and this coaching staff is so good and our QBs amazing.”