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LAWRENCE, Kan. — March Madness ended sooner than expected for many KU fans.

Even with the Jayhawks out of the tournament, Kansas fans are hungry for tournament time, according to a new study.

A pizza company called “Chicago’s Home Run Inn” ranked University of Kansas fans as the fourth most “die-hard” fans of March Madness.

A big reason for that, according to the ranking, is that KU fans say they plan to watch 11 games during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, which is above average.

Here’s how Jayhawks fans stack up against other fanbase:

  1. Michigan fans plan to watch 13.1 games
  2. Indiana fans plan to watch 11.9 games
  3. Michigan State fans plan to watch 11.4 games
  4. Kansas fans plan to watch 11 games
  5. Syracuse fans plan to watch 10.7 games
  6. North Carolina fans plan to watch 10.5 games
  7. Wisconsin fans plan to watch 10.3 games
  8. Kentucky fans plan to watch 9.4 games
  9. UConn fans plan to watch 8.9 games
  10. Illinois fans plan to watch 8.9 games

KU fans say they also expect to watch games at work, averaging a little more than 36 minutes while on the clock. Michigan fans top that list too, watching nearly an hour of NCAA March Madness on the company’s dime.

The survey also determined pizza if the overwhelming favorite for fans to eat during a game.

Home Run Inn said it conducted the survey using a nationally representative sample based on U.S. Census Bureau. A total of 1,002 people responded to the survey.

Results for the entire survey can be viewed at