LAWRENCE, Kan. — KU fans flooded out of bars and onto Massachusetts Street as soon as the final buzzer sounded and the Jayhawks advanced to the NCAA National Championship.

During all of the chaos and celebrating, police said fans behaved themselves, for the most part.

Police did tell anyone involved in an accident to exchange information and report it Sunday.

The department also tweeted reminders about fans having fun, but still staying safe.

“A reminder: Jayhawks can NOT fly. Remain on ground level. Please and thank you,” Lawrence Police tweeted.

Lawrence Police, KU Public Safety, Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies, and Shawnee County Sheriff’s deputies are all working to keep fans safe as they celebrate on Mass Street and around the KU campus.

Several hours after the game ended police said that no one was seriously injured, there were no serious accidents and no serious citations. The department also didn’t have to cite anyone.

“27,785 high fives received. Keep it going — Rock Chalk!” Lawrence Police tweeted.