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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Union Station lit up in purple overnight in support of Kansas State’s second round NCAA Tournament victory. The Wildcats are now headed to New York, and fans are following. 

From the Little Apple to the Big Apple, the K-State men’s basketball team is dancing to the Sweet 16 and fans like Traci Cole couldn’t be more excited. 

“It’s purple passion,” Cole said. 

It’s Kansas State’s first Sweet 16 since 2018. 

Cole usually watches her Wildcats play in her K-State cave at home, but for this special occasion, she’s planning to make the trip to New York. 

“It’s just the perfect purple storm for the game,” Cole said. 

The Kansas State Athletics Department was selling tickets to the game in New York, but she missed her shot. All 1,000 tickets the department had are already sold out. Prices ranged from $125-$150.

“K-State fans always travel no matter what, and this is a huge, huge game,” Cole said. 

Terin Walters said the Kansas State Alumni Association still has limited space available for a flight and hotel package. They’ve filled about 100 of 130 seats on the plane that will fly out of Manhattan, Kansas, and into New York City.

“The air-inclusive charter package based on double occupancy is $2,649 per person,” Walters said. 

Cole went to K-State and was on the rowing team. She knows what it’s like to play a sport in college and has a message for the Wildcats ahead of this big game. 

“We have 100% absolute faith in you, and thank you for everything you have done — I’m going to cry. It just, it just makes my heart swell. What they’re experiencing, what the K-State family is experiencing,” Cole said.

“I can’t wait to see regardless of what happens on Thursday, it’s way beyond anybody’s expectations and I’m so proud of them.”

Cole said she’s leaving a spot on the wall of her K-State cave open for a National Championship poster. 

Kansas State takes on Michigan State at 5:30 p.m. Thursday.