Pleasant Hill, Mo. — Logan Blomquist was a really good shot putter and discus thrower for the Pleasant Hill Roosters but his high school coach gave him sound advice that helped lead to being a collegiate national champion.

“I remember waking up the first night after winning and was like, wow this actually happened!” Bloomquist said.

“I was going to be a ivision 1 Hammer Thrower and you may be a Division 2, Division 3 Shot Put, Discus.”

Blomquist bought in, capturing his progress on a YouTube channel while competing for the SEMO Redhawks, getting 59 meters after his sophomore year and then 65 his junior year, while honing in on his technical craft. 

“What separates the elite guys from the average guys is being able to counter the forces and being able to speed up the ball effectively, and that just comes through time, reps and good coaching.”

He went up against the best, including Tyler Merkley of Penn St.

“If you have a really far throw early on and you celebrate, you get all that energy out, you might be screwing yourself later on in the competition.”

Blomquist knew what to do.

“All I got to do is keep my shoulders back like we’ve been talking, and get a good connection on three and four and I’m going to throw a big ball.”

It came down to the 6th and last ball he threw. 

“When I released it I said, ‘Big pull, Come on!'”

“I left the ring, I was kind of like, Ahhh, I was mad. That was my last throw.”

Being mad turned into being elated. Bloomquist became the first champion in SEMO track History and a legend in Pleasant Hill.

“I remember winning state titles and they would put it in this facility, this hay facility and they put me up on the board, Logan Blomquist, state champion. For all I know, right now, they may have my name up there with national champ.”