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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A one-of-a-kind collection of Patrick Mahomes sports cards is up for sale, but it’s going to cost you.

Robert Dearmitt Jr. and his wife Heidi’s card collecting days date back to the ‘90s, but nothing comes close to their Patrick Mahomes collection.

“This is kind of our special collection,” Heidi said.

The Dearmitts started following Mahomes when he was still playing at Texas Tech.

“You could tell that he was going to be a special cat,” Robert said.

When the Kansas City Chiefs selected the quarterback in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, Robert and Heidi started collecting sports cards of Mahomes.

“We searched on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, all hours of the day, until we could get our hands on them,” Robert said.

Their collection includes 34 1/1 cards, meaning they are the only cards ever made. They also have 10 complete subsets of the MVP quarterback. 

Scroll through below to see just a few of the 1/1 cards:

“It’s extremely rare,” Robert said about the collection. “It takes years to complete a subset sometimes because you have to the 1/1 obviously, and then you have to have all the short parallels there.”

One of the couple’s most-prized cards and early purchases is an autographed Gridiron Kings Gold Vinyl. It cost $275 when they bought it in 2017. Today it could go for upwards of $350,000, according to Robert.

“It’s kind of whatever someone is willing to pay for them,” Heidi said. “We know their worth.”

The Dearmitts originally posted their Mahomes card collection on eBay a year ago. It sold for $1 million, but the buyer backed out at the last minute.

Now, the asking price is even higher: $7.5 million.

“We get tons of offers each day,” Robert said. “We pretty much calculated what we think they’re worth now, based off the offers we’ve been receiving and based off the value of what we believe they will be worth in the future.”

Their highest offer to date for the collection: $3.2 million.

The Dearmitts don’t plan to keep all the profit from the collection. Instead, they said they will donate 15% of the final sell to Patrick Mahomes’ foundation, 15 and the Mahomies.

You can bid on the collection here.