KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Brenda VanLangen has been on the call for many games. But now she’s on the call of raising awareness of the history of the women’s game as the 50 year anniversary of the historic Title IX legislation prohibiting any gender discrimination for programs receiving any federal assistance approaches. But there’s much more history before 1972.

“It’s part of my calling to lift up women, to elevate woman, amplify their stories and make sure people know what tremendous assets they are to the community how fun they are to watch,” she said.

“There were pockets around the country where girls and women had the opportunities before Title IX. They learned the value of sport, they had these opportunities, they grew, and then when Title IX came about they were in position to be the leaders.”

That’s why VanLangen has been on a quest to document those stories .. a series she calls “If Not for Them.”

“We wouldn’t be where we are, if not for them, if not for those women and men who really paved the way for women’s sports to even exist.

She’s gone across the landscape of the country, featuring the likes of three-time champions Immaculata of the old Association for Intercollegiate Athletic for Women .. or the first national title for HBCU Cheyney State. A look back .. as women’s sports continues to move forward .. she says improvements and popularity for women’s basketball and softball have risen, but there’s still more to be done.

“I think the areas where there needs to most improvement still are just the mindset overall of administrators related to girls and women’s sports, are they giving the same opportunities and the same resources to the girls program and the women’s programs as they do the boys and men.”

Plenty of history with more history to come.