Former Chiefs quarterback Trent Green says team in ‘great position’ to tackle unusual season


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After winning the Super Bowl, the pressure is on for the Chiefs to have another great season.

Trent Green, former quarterback for the Chiefs, told FOX4 that he is optimistic about the team’s chances this year. He said a big part of that is player retention.

“I think the Chiefs are in such a great position when you consider coming off a Super Bowl championship, the way they did it last year in the playoffs. The fact that the nucleus is all back and signed, Mahomes, they resigned Kelce, they were able to get Chris Jones done,” Green said. “When you look at who’s coming back, you have so many guys, so many weapons coming Back For Patrick Mahomes and this team, and I think that’s what gives them an advantage.”

But with preason games canceled due to the pandemic, this is the first game the Chiefs are playing since winning the superbowl.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a little bit of ugly football. Not necessarily from the Chiefs and Texans, I just mean overall in the league. I’m not gonna be surprised if the first few games, that goes with the officiating and the way games are called, some mistakes that may be players are making, I think there  gonna be a bit more fatigue, no matter how good of shape you’re in, it’s different game speed, so it’ll be interesting to see how that first part of the season unfolds.”

When asked about the potential for an undefeated season, Green didn’t want to jinx anything.

“Gosh, they’re going to be a great team, they have all the pieces in place, I just don’t want to put that pressure on them. It was such a magical run last year, I think Kansas City as a City really enjoyed that run and the Super Bowl parade and all the things that of come with it, yeah, I don’t want to put undefeated pressure on them.”

Trent Green is now an analyst for CBS Sports and could talk more about how the Chiefs are doing later this season.

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