SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Social media is still stirring after a call that practically sealed the Chiefs’ and Eagles’ fates in Super Bowl LVII

It was a holding call late in the fourth quarter to set the Chiefs up to win the game. Philadelphia Eagles defensive back James Bradberry was flagged for grabbing Chiefs wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster.

“We’re taught on the field that when we see a jersey pulled, that’s holding, and that jersey was pulled 6 to 8 inches,” former NFL official Larry Nemmers said. 

Nemmers tells Nexstar’s OzarksFirst he wouldn’t have made that call. 

“Yes, it was it was controversial,” Nemmers said. “In retrospect, you know, when you have time to think about it, would I have called that? Probably not, but I understand where that official was coming from.” 

It’s a choice that could have one local Eagles fan wishing Nemmers had been on the field Sunday night. 

“I don’t like it, but I did see him [pull the jersey], so I feel like technically it is holding,” Logan Keys said. “I don’t like the call, but you know, I’m not going to be against it.” 

Keys says he felt the game changed on that penalty. 

“You know I just think it made it anti-climactic,” Keys said. “It was a really, really close game, but it could have even been closer and more ended on a higher note.” 

Nemmers says he felt the officiating Sunday night was good and shouldn’t be summed up by one call. 

“We have a tendency as fans to remember the ones that are made at the end of the game as opposed to those that are made in the first 15 minutes of the first, second, or third quarters,” Nemmers said. “They let them play and both teams played really well.” 

He adds the referees didn’t win the game for Kansas City or lose it for the Eagles. 

“When you look at games that are won or lost, usually the teams that have time of possession and most yardage win most of those games and that didn’t occur in the Super Bowl,” Nemmers said.