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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Chiefs fans have been crying foul over certain players, and the management of the football team. And now, they’re singing their complaints too.

A group of fans released a song on YouTube Saturday morning.

Country recording artist Kenneth Duncan, who is from Lee’s Summit, sings, “We all knows what needs to be done. Send Pioli back to where he’s from. It’s time we rolled up our sleeves, and save our Chiefs.”

Duncan and his buddies are frustrated about another repeat bleak season, so they recorded this song called “Save Our Chiefs – Send Pioli Back to Where He’s From.” Duncan said they wrote the lyrics in less than two hours.

“But really 20 years of thought has come into this song, so it wasn’t just an hour in a half writing, it’s a lot of time,” Duncan said. They believe fans “deserve better.”

“‘Like a three yard route on third and long they got it wrong,’ like that’s some of the players that they brought in, different names they brought in, they got it wrong,” Duncan said about one of the lines.

“We’ll call them out on it now and that’s what we’re doing in this song, is calling them out on it, so hopefully we get a response,” Duncan said.

The fans are planning a stadium black out, where all fans wear black on Nov. 18 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Fox 4 reached out to the Chief’s public relations department. A spokesperson said they had no comment.

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