LIBERTY, Mo. — Armed with a 96 mile per hour fastball, a state title and state wide accolades, Liberty High School pitcher Karson Milbrandt has options.

For Milbrandt this is just a typical summer day.

“Every day long toss, get up in the morning, get up around six, take a run with friends than hit the gym around 8:30.”

But Milbrandt’s future, not so typical, the pitcher has committed to Vanderbilt.

“You know they got a pretty good record of producing pitchers and it’s a really good academic school, so whatever’s best for me and my family whether it’s pro or college, can’t go wrong with either one,” he said.

Oh yes you read that right — he said pro — he’s also been mentioned as a draft choice, some projections as high as the 3rd or 4th round. He’s already enrolled in classes at Vandy but he’ll still watch the draft.

“It’d be nice, you know, you work as a kid, you know, I want to get drafted to play professional baseball, so if that happens it’d be great to see all the hard work pay off,” he said.

He’ll find out more July 19, until then the Gatorade Player of the Year in Missouri will continue to get better physically.

“Just gaining weight, trying to get up to 200 right now. I’m 190, so I’ve been eating lifting every day,” he said.

And spending his last moments with childhood friends before heading off to the next level, which ever level that ends up being.

“Our senior class, you know, we brought a state title last year to Liberty so that was pretty exciting, but I speak for all seniors that we all left our mark on Liberty so it’s pretty nice to leave progressing through the four years and just getting better,” he said.