KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Lincoln College Preparatory Academy has been forced to forfeit four games after playing an ineligible player.

A sub-varsity restricted player participated in several varsity games in a limited capacity. A misinterpretation of the term “sub-varsity” was the cause of the mistake, according to the school.

The school released a statement regarding the incident:

Lincoln College Preparatory Academy (LCPA) is committed to transparency and integrity in our athletic programs. It has come to our attention that during this academic year, a sub-varsity restricted player participated in several Varsity games in a limited capacity.”

“Upon discovering this situation, LCPA immediately undertook a thorough internal review to assess the circumstances surrounding the restricted player’s participation. I was determined that a misinterpretation of the term “sub-varsity” was the cause of this misstep. We take full responsibility for this oversight and sincerely regret any concerns it may have caused.”

“To address this matter, LCPA self-reported the incident to the appropriate governing body to express the misunderstanding, take accountability, and fully cooperate with their investigation. As a result, we will adhere to vacating the five games deemed necessary by MSHSAA. Although games are being forfeited, it will not diminish their opportunity for post-season play.”

“Lincoln College Preparatory Academy remains steadfast in our dedication to our student-athletes and their pursuit of excellence. We are proud of their hard work and commitment to their sports and academic pursuits. This situation does not diminish our confidence in their potential nor the reality of their ability to compete and be victorious at a high level.”

“We thank our school community, parents, and supporters for their continued understanding and unwavering support. We stand behind our coaches and our players. We are committed to taking every measure necessary to ensure that this situation is rectified and that we emerge from it as a stronger and more knowledgeable institution.”

They are forfeiting previous wins against Benton, Van Horn, Highland Park and Oak Grove.

The new outcomes of those games are currently updated on the MSHSAA website. Lincoln Prep’s record now sits at 3-5.