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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Another high-level Kansas City football recruit has chosen his college destination.

Five-star edge rusher and Platte County senior Chandavian Bradley selected the Tennessee Volunteers for where he wants to spend his college experience.

“I got a really good connection with the entire coaching staff and on top of that I just really like the vibe that I get from being in Knoxville,” Bradley told FOX4’s Harold Kuntz on Sunday.

Bradley said he grew up a Kansas fan and that Lawrence is like a second home to him. But for college, the number one ranked Missouri recruit wanted to venture outside of the state.

“My biggest thing was I wanted to get out and explore.

“I’ve been able to see a little bit different stuff while I was in Knoxville and see… a completely different atmosphere and I know that those fans are absolutely crazy and you can feel that energy that comes from them as soon as you walk into Knoxville.”

Bradley is ranked in the top 50 recruits nationwide. With his commitment out the way, he said now he can focus on winning Platte County a state championship and relish in the aura of being a top player in the country.

“It’s definitely a great experience to have especially being as well rounded and as well known as I am around the entire country.

“It gives me a lot of recognition and I can only use that to better my teammates in everything else too.”