KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes isn’t the only local athlete featured in the latest Oakley commercial.

Mahomes got to surprise a group of student athletes from St. Pius X High School who also starred in the new ad with him.

The young athletes knew they were going to be in a commercial, which filmed last spring, but they had no idea it would be with Mahomes, the school said.

“We had some guesses, but coach was telling us, ‘No, why would he be here?’ It was just really unexpected,” St. Pius athlete Turner White said.

The commercial featured Oakley sunglasses for the company’s Move the Game Forward campaign, and it recently released nationwide.

After keeping it a secret for months, the school said these St. Pius athletes were excited to finally share more about the experience.

The production team filmed for two days at St. Pius X High’s stadium, on the field and on one of the school buses.

The big surprise happened on the bus. The athletes got on, waited a few minutes, and then Mahomes made his grand entrance.

“Really showed me how much work goes into a commercial, like how much you don’t see and so that was really cool,” Jesse Lee, a senior at St. Pius X, told the school.

“Coach was trying to tell us all day like, ‘Mahomes is not going to be here so just get ready,’ and he walked on the bus — it was a great surprise.”

St. Pius X said the football team is already close, but filming a commercial together took it to a new level.

“We’ve been with each other like every single morning at 5 a.m., just grinding, and this really shows the work that we’ve put in and how close we’ve gotten,” St. Pius junior Noah McPhee said.

The team opened its season on Friday with a win over Pembroke Hill, and has its first home game this week vs St. Michaels.