Sports business outlet Sportico released its annual list of valuations for North American sports franchises, and a combination of the Kansas City area’s three major league pro sports teams would have finished inside of the top 10 — with a combined value of $5.3 billion.

That’s less than the Los Angeles Lakers ($5.63 billion), which ranked No. 8, but more than the San Francisco 49ers ($5.18 billion), which followed at No. 9. However, that’s not the way sports — or this ranking — works.

With an overall valuation of $3.54 billion, the Kansas City Chiefs actually were No. 29 on the list, a 15% increase from last year’s $3.08 billion estimate. Although the team ranked 20th among National Football League teams, all three of its AFC West rivals are worth more than the Hunt family’s franchise, which took in $505 million in revenue last season.

According to Sportico, the Denver Broncos (No. 10 among NFL teams; No. 16 overall) have a $4.65 billion valuation in 2022; the Las Vegas Raiders (No. 15 in NFL; No. 22 overall) netted a $4.08 billion value; and the Los Angeles Chargers (No. 19 in NFL; No. 27 overall) leapfrogged the Chiefs with a $3.62 billion valuation.

The Kansas City Royals were assigned a total value of $1.21 billion, the third-lowest among Major League Baseball teams. The team, which was purchased in 2019 for a reported $1 billion by John Sherman and a group of local investors, ranked 97th on the overall value ranking. It had estimated revenue of $245 million during the 2021 season.