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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — At 30 years old and after five suspensions for substance abuse policy violations that cost him three full seasons, wide receiver Josh Gordon describes landing with the Kansas City Chiefs as “a dream destination.”

“The opportunities, it’s a blessing, it’s a blessing to have,” Gordon said. “Most importantly this one being here. It’s brand new, it’s current, I’m in the present. I’m taking it all in stride and I’m enjoying it.”

Gordon said it made the most sense to be in Kansas City.

“The offensive climate we got in the NFL, this is a dream destination,” he said. “It was an easy decision to make. When I got here I knew it was immediately a place that could look out for me, take care of me and I could reciprocate that back. Just come in and do my job.”

It’s a job that’s slightly easier since he had some familiarity with the offense from his Cleveland days under Brad Childress.

Now the short-term goal for the Chiefs’ newest receiver is to be on the field for more than the nine plays he saw against the Buffalo Bills last week. He appears in a line for a heavier workload this Sunday when the Chiefs visit Washington.

And the 30-year-old says one long-term goal is to play with Chiefs coach Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes until he’s 37.

He’s impressed Reid with his intelligence and ability to pick up the team’s offense quickly.

“He’s easy to be around, looks like he’s fitting in with the guys well. I feel like he’s in pretty good shape,” Reid said. “I think he came in in pretty good shape but just playing the game now I think he’s in a pretty good spot right now.”

Gordon appreciates the style with which Reid leads his players.

“Coach Reid, I think he’s a cool under-the-collar-type of a guy, which I enjoy,” Gordon said. “He didn’t really hold me to any higher standard but to come in and be a professional and do my job.”

Gordon also hopes to get better acclimated with Kansas City. Actor Eric Stonestreet has helped him out recently, joining him on a trip to Garozzo’s Ristorante in downtown KC.

“It’s been a rapid acceptance to Kansas City, and it’s been well received by me and I love it,” Gordon said. “Garozzo’s is great and I love it, good food there. But Eric’s a great guy, showing me the ropes a little bit as far as the community goes and places to try and check off the list.”

But make no mistake, Gordon’s main focus is on the field — and he’s not taking any of it for granted.

“I think perseverance and gratitude, just appreciation for every day, being able to wake up being healthy, having the resources I have at my disposal to use and really go out there and get what it is that I desire most in life, and that right now is playing football in the NFL.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.